Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Paradip, Odisha

Key Achievements

  • Our engineering excellence & experience helped us in accomplishing the job within 6 months time despite the magnitude of job.
  • Vibro Replacement addressed the settlement and stability requirement.
  • Demonstrated high level of safety compliance.?

The Project

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has proposed to develop tank farms in their refinery at Paradip, Orissa. The tank farms comprised of 49 nos. of storage tanks such as crude oil tanks, product storage tanks, demineralized water units and condensate polishing units etc. which were of floating roof structures having maximum internal diameter of 79m and maximum height of 17m. Since the foundation soil was weak, foundations were to be built on treated ground with vibro stone columns.

The Challenge

Post soil investigation done by Keller, it was found that subsoil at project site was loose to medium followed by silty clay layer which was not suitable to support the storage tanks of high magnitude. The challenge was to strengthen the weak soil strata till depth up to 10m and to increase the bearing capacity of the soil. Additional challenge was to perform the job during peak operations of plant.

The Solution

To tackle the performance criteria of edge to edge settlements and to increase the bearing capacity, 10 high intensity Vibrators of type “M” and “S” were used during peak operations to accomplish 6,00,000 lin.m of Vibro Stone Columns. Post installation of columns, single and group column load tests were performed to ensure that the required column strength and bearing capacity is attained.

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Project Facts

  • Owner

    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Paradip, Odisha

  • Main Contractor(s)

    Iragavarapu Venkata Reddy Construction Ltd ( IVRCL )

  • Keller Business Unit(s)

    Keller Ground Engineering India Pvt Ltd

  • Engineer

    Foster Wheeler International Ltd and HDO Technologies Ltd