Archean Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd, Hajirpur, Gujarat

Key Achievements

  • Keller’s ability to provide multiple products and technique gained through engineering excellence provided optimal solution for a complex project.
  • Efficiently commissioned GI and HF , in highly variable plant units of varying magnitude.

The Project

Archean Chemical Industries Private Limited was constructing a chemical plant which consists of sulphate of potash, bromine, cogen plant and other ancillary structures at Hajipir. The site is located in the Greater Runn of Kutch of Gujarat, India. Keller was commissioned by Archean Chemical Industries to perform ground improvement and heavy foundation works. Keller proposed alternate cost effective systems to economise the foundation cost by executing vibro stone columns for lightly loaded structures and BCIS piling for sensitive structures.

The Challenge

Soil Investigation of the project site advocated that sub soil strata comprised of soft to firm silty clay, condition not favorable for setting up structure of this magnitude and sub structures of varying dimensions. Additionally bearing capacity of the soil was also low.

The Solution

To address the challenge associated with the settlements and low bearing capacity for light structures, Keller suggested cost efficient alternative foundations system, where vibro stone columns were installed to an average depth of 6M to 7M in 121,000m2 area. To support heavy structures about 1616 BCIS piles of 750mm dia were installed till 17M depth. Plate load test and Pile load tests were carried out post operations to ensure performance requirements.

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Project Facts

  • Owner

    Archean Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd, Hajirpur, Gujarat

  • Main Contractor(s)

    Archean Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd

  • Keller Business Unit(s)

    Keller Ground Engineering India Pvt Ltd

  • Engineer