Thermal Powertech Corporation India Ltd, Krishnapattam, Andhra Pradesh

Key Achievements

  • Keller’s expertise in performing complex heavy foundation works ensured the project delivery within a tight timeframe of 10 months.
  • Proper planning and execution helped in maintaining the momentum of the job

The Project

TPCIL was developing two 660 MW Thermal Power Plant at Krishnapattam, Andhra Pradesh. The Power Plant comprised of plant structures such as Boilers, Turbo Generators, ESP Cooling Tower, Combined Heat Power, AHP, etc. Keller was commissioned by TPCIL to perform bored cast insitu piling and to perform civil works for natural draught cooling tower.

The Challenge

As part of an integrated package, Keller performed a soil investigation that indicated that soft, loose and medium dense sands and clays with insufficient bearing capacity for the loads required to be supported. Weak soil strata was up to depths of greater than 40m. With this depth and this number of the piles, procuring the significant quantity of concrete over the 10 month program would be critical to project success.

The Solution

Keller installed 760 mm diameter BCIS piles to depths of 60m where sufficient pile capacity could be found. 2500 piles were installed using four hydraulic rotary rigs. To ensure continuous supply of the 50,000m3 of concrete required on the project, Keller erected and operated a dedicated onsite batching plant.

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Project Facts

  • Owner

    Thermal Powertech Corporation India Ltd, Krishnapattam, Andhra Pradesh

  • Main Contractor(s)

    BGR Energy Systems Ltd

  • Keller Business Unit(s)

    Keller Ground Engineering India Pvt Ltd

  • Engineer