Keller is a global innovator of geotechnical solutions for Industrial & Manufacturing sector. We understand how to adapt our engineering to the unique needs of complex establishments and deliver our jobs efficiently.

Supply chain management is the latest and the most flourishing industry in India. Connectivity between cities has been improved over the years and it has been possible through tremendous efforts of industrial and manufacturing companies. Keller is adept with all the industrial and manufacturing practices all over the world. Our state of the art geotechnical solutions for industrial and manufacturing sector have been an integral part of India’s growth story.  Every manufacturing facility has different geotechnical requirements, our geotechnical experts provide solutions which are appropriate to the industrial code of practices. 

Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant

Keller is committed to projects which are necessary for the well being of the people. Geo technical design and construction of foundations for STP and WTP are projects which we consider a part of our mission. Our experts make sure that their skills, tools and techniques of geotechnical engineering aid the construction of STP/WTP projects and the projects are completed well within the time, within the stipulated budget.